Revisiting Creative Writing

To me, creative writing is pretty much everything outside of news and informative articles.  Granted, even tutorials, news stories, and other informative articles take a decent amount of creativity.  Anyone can spit out facts, but you have to add a little flair to make people want to read.

I’ve been working so much on writing articles that I’d forgotten my original writing passion began with creative writing.  Honestly, I still love fiction, poetry, and music more than what I write for money.  Recently, I claimed a C4C at Associated Content to write a Christmas poem.  I was thrilled to see 45 views within the first week of publication.  Considering I did no promotion and creative writing doesn’t exactly do well on AC, I was happy.

The words sort of flowed, kind of like they used to before all my creativity went out the window along with the stress of becoming a freelancer.  I used to write at least 50 poems and/or songs each year depending on what was going on in my life.  I’ve never been good at short stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing the ghost story for AC.  This year; however, I’ve only written 3 maybe 4 poems or songs.  Talk about withdrawal!

So from here on out, I’m going to set aside time to write more poems, songs, and fiction stories.  I’ve been denying myself when inspiration strikes simply because I was busy writing an article or researching a new writing opportunity.  Hopefully, this will help me start writing more blog posts as well.  I’ll post some of my favorites at AC and add the links to my posts on here.

Never ignore inspiration.  Creative writing is both fun and an excellent stress reliever.  As any freelancer can tell you, stress relief is always welcome.