So Much To Do…Absolutely No Time

Well, I’m back, at least briefly.  I’ve been struggling with an eye allergy off and on for about two weeks, which makes writing rather difficult.  I’ve gotten extremely behind on my paid assignments and will be putting in some long hours over the next week to catch up and hopefully get ahead once more.  It’s amazing how something so simple can cause so much trouble.

This gave me an idea for a post, however.  Never, ever procrastinate.  I was sticking to my schedule fairly well.  I’ll admit some cute little flash games keep distracting me, but oh well.  The thing was I was sticking to what I had to do on a particular day.  If I finished early, that meant free time to do whatever else I wanted.  I never thought about getting ahead in case something happened.  Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to juggle deadlines that came far too quickly.  If I’d taken advantage of the extra time I had, I wouldn’t be behind much at all right now.  As it is, I’m going to be tripling the amount of writing I’d usually do per day for at least a week.

Some of the extra writing is due to being in a better position than I was a few months ago in the writing business.  I’m being allowed to write more, doing better at promotion, and basically getting into a much better flow.  I’ve learned that to stick with this better position, I need to work harder.  Finishing early simply means getting some of the next day’s work completed.  After all, extra work equals extra pay.  As you become a better writer, you’ll find you learn how to research and write faster and more efficiently.  So take advantage of the time you save to get more done.  You savings account will thank you.  And you won’t be stressing out about your writing deadlines should something unforeseen happen to take you out of commission for a few days or weeks.