My Works

The following are sites you can visit to read some of my articles.

Associated Content
Associated Content was the first site I discovered when I began freelance writing.  The topics greatly vary.  You can find articles on pets, relationships, computers, health, and more.  If you like, or don’t like, something on AC, please post a comment with the article or on this blog.  Remember, please keep it clean.

Helium was discovered shortly after AC.  I mainly use this site to write articles for their Marketplace, where writers compete for article requests, and their contests.  I also submit all my non-exclusive AC articles to Helium to increase my audience and add a little extra monthly income.  However, on Helium you will find my debate articles, which you won’t find on AC.  If you like to debate, this is a great place and you can earn a little on page views.

I write for eHow through DemandStudios.  These are all unique articles to eHow.  DemandStudios allows you to claim and suggest titles for various websites.  They then purchase the article and all rights.  I was happy to stumble upon DemandStudios and spend a great deal of my time writing for them.  The only down side is that I spend less time writing for AC, Helium, and my blogs.  However, money talks 🙂

I recently began writing separately on eHow as well.  These are unique articles that were rejected due to new editors and a glitch in the DS system.  There are also suggested article ideas that DS didn’t accept.  Enjoy.
eHow Articles

Constant Content
This is where you can actually purchase and request articles by me and others of course.  This works similar to Helium’s Marketplace, except you can set your own prices and negotiate with buyers.  Buyers can also request certain topics publicly or privately if they prefer a certain author.  Most articles on here are for sale as usage only, or non-exclusive.  I haven’t added anything new in a while since I discovered a fairly new site, Daily Article.

Daily Article
All articles for sale on this site are for full or exclusive rights; therefore, prices are a little higher.  Buyers can request articles on here as well.  I’m still testing the waters here, so I only have a few articles for sale.  The writer’s cut is much higher here, so I’ll more than likely only put exclusives here.

Bright Hub
This site works similar to Demand Studios. You claim articles in the channels you are approved to write for. Each channel has a single ME or Managing Editor to answer channel specific questions. Each channel also has a set of Contributing Editors who work one on one with writers to help create the best articles possible. The training material here is amazing. I love this site, especially the upfront pay plus page views. I’m still new here, but gaining ground quickly. Enjoy the articles which are mainly technology (Windows, Home Office, Hardware) and education (Math, English, Study Guides).


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