Weekly Writing Prompts

Eventually, these writing prompts will be on a schedule; however, for now just expect them roughly once a week.  I’d love to hear from you if you use these prompts, especially if you publish the results somewhere.  Feel free to comment with links.

Fiction Prompt:  A neighbor’s cat appears on your doorstep one morning.  You reach down to pet the cat, but your hand touches thin air.  You look behind you to find a woman standing behind you wearing the cat’s collar.  You look around, but the cat is no where to be found. 

Who is the woman?  Is the cat actually a shape-shifter?  So many story lines, so little time 🙂

Non-fiction Prompt:  Is the rise in STDs due to the hype over female birth control, such as pills, shots, or patches?  Should more emphasis be put back on condoms?


Weekly Writing Prompts

I really want to make this blog something useful to all writers.  One thing I often look for is writing prompts.  So each week, I will post at least two writing prompts, one fiction, one non-fiction.  Writing prompts are useful when you have writer’s block, or simply need to exercise your writing skills.  Write as much as you can on the prompt or prompts for at least 10 minutes without looking back to edit.  Many writers can spawn multiple ideas from a single prompt.

Fiction:  Walking along a narrow forest path, you stumble across an abandoned wagon.  Inside you find the makings of what was once a traveling magic show.  The signature magic wand is lying across a bundle of clothes.  Thinking nothing of it, you begin digging through one of the trunks.  All you find is more clothes and props.  But what happened to the magician?  Walking around to the front of the wagon, you see something shimmer.  You find a puddle, but instead of your own reflection, you see the magician screaming for help. 

What happens next?  Do you try to save the magician?  Are the props more than mere props?  You decide.

Non-Fiction:  New Year’s superstitions vary across the world.  Do they really have any bearing on the year ahead? 

You can research various superstitions or talk about those in your own family.