You Can’t Always Do It Alone

Becoming a writer is a big change.  It’s not quite the same as a 9 to 5 with a supervisor standing over your shoulder telling you what to do and giving you feedback.  Some writers actually do work in groups, while most work alone.  However, you should know that you can’t always do it alone. 

One thing I learned quickly was that I needed support.  Not financially, but moral support.  When I had writer’s block, a job fell through, or just a rough spot in general, I needed someone to talk to, someone to encourage me to keep going.  Otherwise, I can honestly say I would have quit within a few months without someone reminding me why I was even trying and that I could succeed.

So where can you find encouragement or just simply someone to vent to?  The obvious choices are friends and family.  However, these aren’t the only choices.  Check locally for writer’s groups.  For instance, several places around my area bring in established writers for other writers to come and meet.  This allows local writers to meet others and establish friendships with people who truly understand the business. 

There are also online writer’s groups.  Even if you’re speaking with someone you’ve never seen, just having someone to talk to can make all the difference.  Many times, I’ve been inspired by hearing how some writer I’ve never seen made it through a rough patch.  On Associated Content, there is actually a forum dedicated to helping AC members have local AC parties or hook ups.

***I feel obligated to say, even though I know you’ve probably heard this at least a zillion times, please be careful when talking to people online, or strangers in general.  Be careful about handing out personal information to anyone you don’t know.  Whether online or in person.  Also, if meeting someone you’ve talked to online, be sure to do it in a public place with friends or family with you.

Regardless of how confident you may be, you will need some type of support.  Whether it’s just casually talking to other writers or venting about a rough day, find someone to talk to.  You wouldn’t believe how much stress this prevents.