Writer’s New Years Resolutions

Weight loss is always a popular New Year’s resolution. It’s great to start a new year with goals to improve yourself and your life in some way. For many, simply finding a job will be their biggest resolution.

To keep in the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions, I want to create a list of my own and hopefully others will add their resolutions as well in the comments section. I’ll add this entire post as a separate page so we can all keep tabs on our writing resolutions for the year. Feel free to add other resolutions as well.

My Writing Resolutions for 2009:
-Become a master at SEO
-Successfully use 2 main sites for promotion instead of spending a few minutes everywhere
-Develop a consistent writing plan with a backup plan for slow times
-Create an ebook for popular article series
-Earn at least 40K
-Participate in November’s Novel in a Month Challenge
-Write at least 2 posts per week for A Writer’s Rare Dream and 3rd Side

Hmmm…I only have a few resolutions 🙂 Looks like I’ll have quite a busy year. Let’s just say if I pull off those goals, I’ll have one heck of a fun, though busy, year.



So, you’ve just discovered A Writer’s Rare Dream and are wondering what you can expect.  As a sort of welcome to the site, here’s a list of what this blog is all about.

  • Provide tips and tricks I’ve learned about writing
  • Let you know about sites to get your writing career started online
  • Random rants about writing
  • My goals and plans
  • How to stay motivated and find ideas
  • Snippets from my favorite articles for the month (either by me or favorite writers)
  • Reviews on books and promotional tools

So now that you have an idea what to expect, I hope you continue to visit weekly for new posts.  Also, please visit the My Works page to see some of my articles and some of the places I write.