Forced Writing Isn’t Writing At All

I’m sure many writers have experienced the “forced write”.  Basically, it’s the point where you’re writing to topics you simply have no interest in.  You force yourself to write them simply for the pay.  Writing is supposed to be something you enjoy.  After all, pursuing a career you dislike is pointless, right? 

I know that sometimes the pay is absolutely worth forcing yourself to write, but it shouldn’t become a habit.  At least 75% of your writing should be on topics you enjoy or at least want to learn more about.  I’ve written about topics that I didn’t necessarily know anything about, but I thoroughly enjoyed the research.  However, if I have the potential to double or triple my usual earnings simply by branching out, why not? 

It’s fine to branch out and try writing on topics you’re not interested in.  Who knows, you might find a hidden interest.  Then again, you may just make a few extra bucks and hope you never hear about the topic ever again.  There are some benefits to forced writing, but sometimes the negative consequences aren’t worth it.  Check out the list of pros and cons below and see what you think. 

You may earn more.
You may find new interests, which leads to more topics.
You may get your work noticed by a wider audience.

You lose interest in writing.
The work comes off as forced.
You spend more time than usual on research and end up actually losing money.
Writing becomes just a job instead of something to be proud of.

Now if you actually have no interest in writing and are just writing to earn extra money, then forced writing is probably all you do.  For those that love to write, the last thing you want to do is lose interest.  As long as you spend most of your time doing what you enjoy, you’ll be fine.  Sometimes in order to pay the bills, you have to write about topics that let’s face it, you have to have engery drinks just to stay awake.  Just don’t make this all you do or you’ll find yourself hating the job you’ve dreamed about.


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